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RESTORE, IMPROVE and PROTECT Precious Surfaces

Controlling infrared heat gain with minimal color or reflective appearance.  Provides maximum sun protection without a dark or reflective look but comes with a premium price.

Gives old building glass a modern and uniform new look with superior sun control properties.  Exterior window films a formulated to last up to ten years of weathering.

Infrared Selective Films

Economical window films made to control the harsh effects of sunlight by reducing glare, heat gain and UV light.  Dark and reflective tones are most effective.

Window film is generally a combination of layers to achieve desired features. Varying layer thicknesses, chemical coatings, sputtering metal molecules and using different adhesives and plastics can create thousands of combinations.


Picking out the correct window film requires a thorough understanding of all the available products in multiple industries, asking the right questions to discover the underlying client goal(s), and creative thinking to combine off-the-shelf films to create a custom product, if necessary, to satisfy a client.

Wintech Solution Inc has a reputation of developing creative solutions where others have none.

‚ÄčThe joys of home ownership come with maintenance and retrofit projects due to the ever changing needs of the family.  Wintech Solutions Inc has been assisting in getting the most out of each room in the home. Controlling the sun's brightness, fading and heat while preserving daytime and night views while keeping within a client's budget is a skill Wintech Solutions has been honing since 1996.



  • Controlling hot and cold spots of the building minimizes imbalances in the office or room for a more comfortable climate within.
  • Reducing "peak demand" loads during the hottest time of the day substantially reduces electric cooling cost.  Undersized HVAC units will also find relief in lower entering heat gain through the windows.
  • Lengthening the life of equipment, furniture and decor by blocking out the harmful radiation causing damaging sun-rot and fading.



Solar control window film achieves an 18-36 month return-on-investment while having a product life surpassing a decade.  Property owners save through the reduction of cooling the building as well as replacement of interior decor due to fading.  After the investors reap their payback, the property will continue to save until it's time to replace the film.

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Safety & Security Films

Exterior Solar Films

Traditional Solar Films

Strengthens glass and anchors fragments to itself to protect occupants and assets from natural disaster, accidental breakage, forced intrusion, smash-n-grab theft.