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RESTORE, IMPROVE and PROTECT Precious Surfaces

CLEAR SKIN coating storefront windows

Window films have been developed to combat the growing wave of glass graffiti.  Anti-graffiti (AG) films are made to adhere to smooth glass surfaces.  These films are 4-7mil in thickness with a removable mounting adhesive.  The vandals attack our sacrificial AG film which is much easier and more timely to replace than glass restoration or replacement.

step 1 | polishing out the damage

Restoration of glass surfaces

making scratches and gouges disappear

Vandals cost building owners over $600 million a year in glass replacement due to their destructive actions of scratch and acid-etching their messages. Once the window glass is replaced, it's a new canvas waiting to be wasted again.

Our polishing method restores scratched and acid-etched glass to a presentable state once again. Saving storefront owners expensive replacement costs.

step 2 | protecting against future damage

stop throwing away glass. we can fix it and THEN protect it from future damage