Wintech chose a specific dark bronze film for the hotel that appeared less brassy then the current film on the windows.  The new window film cast a more neutral light onto the carpets and beddings.  The cleaning staff immediately received rave reviews about how much cleaner the sheets looked.  It turns out, the previous brassy window film was causing the white sheets to look dingy.

The storefront owner wanted to have pedestrian traffic to see their merchandise while mitigating the loss they were suffering from sun fading.  Huper Optik Sech provided the fade protection without sacrificing the view.

corona del mar

huper optik SECH

westin south coast plaza

traditional dark bronze

Improving the performance of high performance glass by adding a high reflective and dark window film.  Although the same film was installed on all the windows, the various glass colors kept with the original color scheme.


traditional dark silver



diamond ranch high school

huper optik drei

This architectural award winning high school located in Diamond Bar, CA needed to upgrade the high performance glass to block out even more solar heat gain without a highly reflective appearance.  Huper Optik DREI was perfect.

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