Metal:  Stainless Steel | Aluminum
Stone:  Marble |Onyx |Travertine
Mirror | Glass| Acrylic

Existing building surfaces such as doors, walls, counters, cabinets and glass partitions can be rejuvenated and repurposed by coating them with a new look. Wintech Solutions uses various overlays to make surfaces look new.


making EXISTING GLASS better


Window films have evolved over many generations to satisfy the changing needs of building owners. Glass is an inert substance that does not degrade. Window films can strengthen, improve and change the characteristics of existing glass to better fulfill the new room requirements.


Glass:  Storefronts | Conference Rooms
Murals:  Drywall | Stucco | Cinder Block
Wraps: Doors | Cabinets | Equipment

a revitalized new look

restoring DAMAGED surfaces

Nothing is more wasteful than discarding precious surfaces due to superficial damage. Honing and polishing to restore damaged surfaces are costly and can potentially be damaged immediately after the repair. Surface overlays can restore surfaces and/or conceal damage while providing a protective coating from daily contact and cleaning.


RESTORE, IMPROVE and PROTECT Precious Surfaces

Sun Control:  Heat | Glare | Fade
Safety:  Earthquake | Active Shooter
Security:  Burglary | Anti-Intrusion

Decorative Films:  Privacy with a flare

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